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Choosing our Landlord Management Company means every detail is managed precisely, every challenge is addressed proactively, and every property is handled as a prized asset. Whether you are a novice landlord embarking on your journey or a seasoned property owner with a broad portfolio, our services help you get the most out of your property investments. Call 01706 340882 and speak to our team today.

Landlord Management Company Services

Owning rental properties can be lucrative, but it also comes with challenges and responsibilities. Our Landlord Management Company provides tailor-made solutions to help landlords, whether new, existing, local, or overseas, manage their properties effectively and efficiently, ensuring peace of mind.

Tenant Finding Services by Our Landlord Management Company

Landlords seeking a reliable tenant-finding service can rely on our dedicated lettings team, especially those who prefer to manage the property during the tenancy. Our tenant-finding-only service is perfectly suited for experienced local landlords leveraging our extensive marketing capabilities to secure quality tenants efficiently.

Tailored Rental Valuation and Expert Advice

Our service initiates with a personalised rental valuation, where we discuss your specific requirements and provide rental advice based on a thorough review of the current market. We assess the property meticulously, offering suggestions on maintenance and improvements ensuring compliance with safety regulations to meet the highest standards and to attract quality tenants.

Strategic Marketing for Optimal Outreach

Our marketing process is comprehensive, beginning with preparing the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and continuing with the detailed listing of your property on our website and other well-known portals such as Prime Location and Property Live. The strategic circulation of property details to prospective tenants through mailing lists and databases and weekly to educational institutions, corporations, and hospitals, coupled with periodic advertising in local property papers, ensures maximum visibility and interest. Additionally, the supply of a ‘TO LET’ board accentuates property visibility in the local vicinity.

Detailed Viewings and Consistent Feedback

Every viewing is accompanied, providing prospective tenants with a comprehensive understanding of the property and allowing us to gather regular feedback. This consistent communication with prospective tenants ensures that landlords are informed about the interest levels and any concerns raised during the viewings.

Tenant Onboarding and Transition Management

Upon receiving an application from a prospective tenant, our team manages every detail diligently. We conduct negotiations on behalf of the landlord, oversee credit and referencing services, formulate tenancy agreements in compliance with the current Housing Act, and collect the initial rent and deposit. We also set up standing order rental payments directed to the landlord’s account, hand over the keys and relevant property information to the tenant, and ensure all utility providers and the council are notified regarding the new tenancy.

Transparent and Comprehensive Process

This tenant-finding service is designed to be transparent and all-encompassing, enabling landlords to have peace of mind knowing that every aspect of tenant acquisition is handled professionally. The landlords can then focus on managing the property during the tenancy with the assurance that they have quality tenants.

Full Management Service for Optimal Peace of Mind

Our service is meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of landlords, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that encompass rental valuation, property assessment, tenant acquisition, and tenancy management. Our Full Management Service integrates the same high-level marketing strategies inherent in our Tenant Finding Services, ensuring that your property receives maximum exposure and attracts the most suitable tenants. However, in addition to the extensive marketing strategies, this service offers a plethora of features to ensure a seamless experience during the tenancy, allowing you as a landlord to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your property management is in expert hands.

Unparalleled Management Features

Our experienced staff ensures that every property is well-maintained and upgraded as necessary, meeting all safety regulations to provide optimal value and satisfaction for landlords and tenants. Within the tenure of the tenancy, our Full Management Service provided by our Landlord Management Company includes the following distinguished features:

  • Monthly Statements & Rent Remittance
    We deliver detailed monthly statements and ensure the timely remittance of rent to your nominated bank account after deducting fees and maintenance invoices, simplifying your financial oversight.
  • Payment of Regular Outgoings
    We facilitate the payment of regular outgoings, including block service charges, ground rent, and gardener services, through the rent account, ensuring all expenses are managed efficiently.
  • Quarterly Property Inspections
    Our team conducts quarterly property inspections, producing comprehensive landlord reports to keep you abreast of the property’s condition and any emerging concerns or requirements.
  • Arrangement of Running Repairs & Maintenance
    We promptly arrange running repairs and maintenance, addressing issues quickly to maintain the property in optimal condition, thus preserving its value and appeal.
  • End-of-Tenancy Procedures
    At the termination of the tenancy, we perform a final inspection and engage in full negotiation for the return of the deposit, ensuring a smooth transition between tenancies.
  • Between-Tenancy Preparations
    We manage and oversee between-tenancy maintenance, cleaning, and final preparations, ensuring the property is impeccable and ready for the new tenant, thus minimising any possible vacancy periods.
  • Continual Property Assessment
    We continually assess the condition of your property and provide upgrading advice to ensure that your asset remains competitive in the local marketplace, attracting high-quality tenants and optimising rental income.

Choosing our Full Management Service means entrusting your valued assets to seasoned professionals committed to maintaining the balance between optimal property condition and sustained rental income, making your journey as a landlord seamless and rewarding.

Comprehensive Fee Structure at Our Landlord Management Company

Understanding the fee structure is crucial when choosing a Landlord Management Company. We pride ourselves on transparent and competitive pricing for all our services, ensuring landlords can manage their investments efficiently.

Clear and Competitive Pricing

  1. Tenant Find Service: The fee for our Tenant Find Service is one month’s rent plus VAT for each letting where the tenant is introduced through our services. This service has a minimum fee of £400 + VAT. For instance, if the monthly rental is £550.00, the total cost would be £660.00, including VAT.
  2. Full Management Service: For our comprehensive Full Management Service, there is an initial instruction fee of £300.00, inclusive of VAT, plus 12% (inclusive of VAT) of the rent received, which will be deducted by the agent. For example, if the monthly rental is £550.00, the fee would be £66.00, including VAT.

These fees are payable when any individual or organisation agrees to rent the property due to our promotion, introduction, or viewing.

Transparent Additional Charges

  • Tenant Referencing: £240.00 per property, inclusive of VAT.
  • Guarantor Referencing: £75.00 per property, inclusive of VAT.
  • Inventory Service: £78.00, inclusive of VAT.
  • Duplicate Statements: £17.50, inclusive of VAT.
  • Void Property Inspections: £35.00 per visit, inclusive of VAT.
  • New Tenancy Fee: £150.00, inclusive of VAT.

VAT is payable at the prevailing rate on all our fees and is quoted as included in the above prices per consumer legislation.

A Commitment to Transparency and Value

Our Landlord Management Company is dedicated to providing clear, competitive, and transparent pricing for all our landlord services. Whether you choose our Tenant Find Service or our Full Management Service, you can be assured of no hidden costs or surprises. Our additional charges are also explicitly stated, ensuring you are well informed about all possible expenditures associated with managing your property.

Why Choose AJ Properties?

Positioned at the apex of residential letting agencies within Rochdale, AJ Properties emanates a legacy of supreme residential letting services. Founded in 1988, we are a family-operated enterprise that renders exceptional services for landlords and tenants. Our directors and core team, who have collaborated over extensive periods, are steadfast in solidifying our standing as the premier agent in this evolving and multifaceted market.

We are distinguished for our:

  • Extensive Experience
    Boasting over three decades of unmatched insight into Rochdale’s property domain.
  • Upheld Professionalism
    Our team is enriched with training and qualifications in every facet of property management.
  • Exceptional Service Quality
    Our approach is personable and professional, guaranteeing that your property and tenancy are managed with utmost care and precision.
  • Esteemed Accreditations

As members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), we steadfastly adhere to the most stringent standards and abide by established Codes of Practice.

AJ Properties – Rochdale’s Reliable Letting Agents

Whether you are a landlord pursuing seasoned letting agents or a tenant contemplating renting a home, AJ Properties is your definitive partner.

Reach out to AJ Properties today at 01706 340882 and allow us to guide you through the intricacies of the Rochdale property sector, promising a seamless and enriching journey.